Výsledky všech cvičení z 1. lekce (1. - 6. část) naleznete zde.

Cvičení č. 1:

1. What is your name? My name is Jerry. I am a young boy. 2. What is this? It is an open book. This book is not closed.       3. We are tall and slim. Are we happy? No,we are not. 4. The apple is big and old. 5. Are they young? No, they are not young. They are old. 6. Is Tom bad? Yes, he is very bad. 7. I am James Bond. Yes, I am a brave man. My name is Bond.       8. Are you an intelligent teacher? Yes, I am.  

Cvičení č. 2:

1. I am slim and young. 2. You are good. 3. He is very brave. 4. She is bad. 5. It is big. 6. We are intelligent. 7. I am not slim. 8. He is not brave. 9. We are not old. 10. They are not young. 11. Are you happy? 12. Is he tall? 13. Is it new or old? 14. Are they tall?  

Cvičení č. 3: 

1. a tall man 2. the nice garden 3. hot water 4. a cold orange 5. an old umbrella, 6. the small door 7. a young boy 8. the bad teacher 

Cvičení č. 4: 

1. It's an apple. 2. It's a hat. 3. It's an egg. 4. It's an office. 5. It's a pencil. 6. It isn't a big apple. 7. It isn't a new hat. 8. It isn't a good orange. 9. It isn't an office. 10. It isn't an old school. 

Cvičení č. 5: 

1. This is a new car. 2. That is an old table. 3. This is a good car and that is a bad car. 4. This is Peter and that is Michael.    5. This lamp is not (NEBO isn't) big. 6. That bank is not (NEBO isn't) good. 7. This office is small and old. 8. This book is new and good. 9. That teacher is satisfied with this school. 10. That sofa is not (NEBO isn't) new. 

Cvičení č. 6: 

1. Where are you from? I am from the Czech Republic. 2. Where are your parents from? Are they from Prague? 3. Where is Jack from? He is from Paris. 4. Where are they from? Are they from France? 5. Who is from the Czech Republic? 6. Where are these brave people from?  

Cvičení č. 7: 

1. Is Roger at work? Yes, he is. 2. Are Susan and Peter at home? No, they are not (NEBO aren't). 3. Who is at the language school? 4. Carol is not at the language school. She is at work. 5. Where are those good people? Are they at home?  

Cvičení č. 8: 

1. It is warm outside. 2. Is it warm outside? 3. It is snowy and windy today. 4. It is hot and sunny today. 5. Is it sunny today? 6. No, it is cold and cloudy. 7. John is not (NEBO isn't) satisfied with the weather.